Welcome to the Painted Katie!

My name is Kat Cumberledge. I founded the Painted Katie to glorify God through artistic expression. It is my desire that each painting will evoke a response that enlightens each viewer to the splendor and majesty of our Creator! We are all His "painted" works of art! Each person is a canvas equipped with unique talents, abilities, and gifts expertly crafted by the masterful hand of a loving Father. I pray that my artwork will in some way reflect the beauty and peace that can only be experienced by a true relationship with the Master Artist. 

If you are curious about how to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ, I would love to share with you how to accept Him as your Savior and know where you are going when this life ends.  

Thank you for viewing my work! I hope that in some way it can be an encouragement to you today.

~The Painted Katie